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August 15th, 2016 by J

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Chyna just can’t help it when some hot young jock is pointing its stiff cock at her. Whatever the situation is and wherever they are, she’d go giving head and letting her prospect fuck her in the cunt and in that filthy bunghole, making him cum hard.

Chyna gets banged in the ass while inside a cab

April 7th, 2016 by J

Joanie Laurer, Chynna Doll, or simply Chyna, this wild woman is not just the sexy and fierce former wrestler who beat anyone’s ass into a pulp while she’s still the queen of the arena. She’s also one hell of an entertainer for good times when it comes to her acquaintances and total strangers. Chyna may look so big a woman and a toughie who you can’t bend when ‘nature’ calls but you’re gravely mistaken if you never ever thought that she’s also a lady with the gentle side, willing to surrender for the sake of a hot hook up. Since she travels a lot, meeting potential business partners and clients, she’s open to meeting a different kind of circle of ‘friends’ who she can just chill with and not think about work for a change. She got lucky when she hopped in a cabby, cursing the weather, and ended up making a new FUBU out of the cab driver who added he also hated the rain. Yes, they both hate the cold and the wet and wanted to make it warm but wetter.

Chyna gets her bunghole plowed by a cabbie

Chyna was feeling naughty because the chill reminds her of her former lovers she gets to play around with whenever they are stuck inside the room on winter and refuse to get out of from under the sheets. It’s always been rough and hardcore sex and now Chyna is about to embark on this new experience without having to ask anyone to give in to her wild nature. Here’s a horny man begging for her tight ass and she gladly gave this charming prick her hole to bang with. They were heating up the cab with their sweaty bodies, Chyna moans and groans with every rough thrust and her new boy toy is obviously enjoying his personal ride. They went on banging deep and hard until they both spilled their juice and this didn’t bother the cabbie a bit and the fact that Chyna doesn’t have to pay him the fare anymore as he was more than satisfied to have a go with that nice bunghole. Says he has been finding someone to screw the entire morning and she could be that Chynna Fuck Doll of his anytime if she wants a free ride again. Chyna kept this video and plays it each time she’s up for another wild anal sex with this dude.

Chyna Shows Off Her Nude Body

September 29th, 2010 by ms.chyna

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Chyna got her thing on when she boldly exposed her beautiful naked body for this racy promo pictorial.  Chyna opens herself up and shows us her playful and naughty side with these revealing Chyna naked pictures that we have discovered and now you get to see this wrestling babe pose for the camera and show us her awesome body all over again.

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A lot of wrestling fanboys out there are more than excited to see these sample collection we have posted where you get to see Chyna flaunting her delectable pair of tits and flashing that hot pussy with an array of provocative poses that is guaranteed to make you stiff underneath. But this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more waiting at Chyna Sex Tape so hurry and enjoy all of ‘em pictures right now.
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I Wonder If Chyna’s Friends Have Any Sex Tapes

April 26th, 2010 by ms.chyna

Here’s a pic taken way back, from Chyna‘s days as a WWE Superstar.  She wasn’t just a WWE Diva mind you, this lady actually held the International Championship during three title reigns!  Just looking at her muscular body during those days, you’d definitely believe it!  Aside from Chyna, also in the pic is Lita and Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s wife, Debra.  Now I’d love to see a sex tape from those two, especially Lita.  I think there’s a good chance we can see some action from her, seeing the high-profile wrestling relationships she’s had!  Debra would make good sex tape material too, especially if she starred in one with her ex, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  But they’re currently divorced with Stone Cold facing some domestic abuse charges, so there’s no chance of that.  But if you want to see the original pro-wrestling sex tape form Chyna, it’s still there at this site.  It’s totally hardcore and if you love porn, you’ll definitely love it!

This is what Chyna has worked hard for in all her years as a female bodybuilder

August 5th, 2008 by ms.chyna

These pictures show what Chyna has been working on throughout her life.  She’s been a gym rat since her college days and look at the result of all that hard work.  These pictures show a muscle-bound Chyna flexing her arms and showing off her chiseled body.  If you’re turned on at the sight of Chyna and her muscles, then imagine what you’ll feel when you watch her hot performance in “1 Night in China”, her very own homemade porn video with ex Sean Waltman!  If you’ve been searching for that homemade porn video on the web, then today’s your lucky day as I present to you www.chynasextape.org where you can get the full video for your viewing pleasure.  Simply click the link above to be redirected to the best place you can get this celebrity sex tape.

Closeup POV look at Chyna’s pierced kitty

August 5th, 2008 by ms.chyna

I bet you didn’t know that Chyna can be as kinky as most pornstars.  In these video clips, watch closeup shots of her pierced pussy as X-Pac prepares to impale her on his engorged cock.  This series of clips was taken after X-Pac gave her pussy a thorough licking to make her wet and ready for some serious fucking in the kitchen.  This horny couple love eating each other out as seen from Chyna’s long blowjob and X-Pac’s equally long pussy eating.  I guess X-Pac loves the taste of Chyna’s shaved cunt so much that’s why he gave her a sound licking.  After all that oral sex, X-Pac proceeded to pound Chyna’s pussy from behind as they settled into some hot, kitchen sex romp.  Watch the full video by clicking on this link and get ready for some steamy fuck scenes between these two.

Watch some classic wrestling clips of Chyna flashing her thong underwear

August 5th, 2008 by ms.chyna

Chyna has a buffed-up physique which helps her stand up against most male wrestlers.  All the time she spent as a bodybuilder has firmed her butt and she’s not shy to show her ass in front of the millions of wrestling fans across the globe.  In this post, I included some of her most memorable moments flaunting her butt in front of the camera.  To view the clips, just click on the screen caps below.

Let’s watch Chyna’s fine ass in these clips featuring her in sexy thongs and flashing her bum to her opponents and fans alike.  If you want the hardcore stuff, then just follow this link and be redirected to Chyna Sex Tape.  Watch her infamous video with former fiancé Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and enjoy watching your favorite female wrestler show off her skills in bed.

Chyna shows how to properly give a blowjob

August 5th, 2008 by ms.chyna

This video clip is a preview of what’s to come in the Chyna sex tape that you undoubtedly want to have.  Here, Chyna shows off her oral skills as she gives Sean Waltman a great blowjob.  Done in POV style, this video will definitely rock your nuts off.  For fans of Chyna, you would be amazed at how tender and gentle she was with Sean’s cock, as opposed to her wrestling persona where she’s very aggressive and in control.  We see a different side as she sucks Sean’s cock for a long time.  She’s still in control however, as she licks Sean’s pole from tip to balls and gives him a great handjob-blowjob combo that has Sean aching to unload his jizz on Chyna’s face in no time at all.  Click the screen caps below and watch the blowjob part of the famous “1 Night in China” homemade porn video.  Of course, I know you want the whole thing, so head on over to www.chynasextape.org to get the full video as well as other hot stuff featuring your favorite wrestling doll, Chyna.