Chyna Sex Tape

Welcome fans of Chyna, the “Ninth Wonder of the World”!  Born Joan Marie Laurer, this popular wrestling celebrity is famous for her in-ring exploits during her career with the World Wrestling Federation from 1997-2001.  She is also noted for being the only female wrestler to be able to stand up to the guys and she even made an appearance in the wrestling event known as “Royal Rumble”.  With her big, buffed-up body, Chyna is used to having intergender wrestling matches.  With this site, we introduce to you another form of intergender wrestling between former sweethearts Chyna and pro-wrestler Sean Waltman.  We present to you “1 Night in China”, the infamous sex tape made by the couple in 2004.

The video was obtained by Red Light District, the same company that got Paris Hilton’s celebrity sex tape.  They were eager for another bestselling video so they got the Chyna homemade porn video, edited the footage, and released it under the name “1 Night in China”.  The video reportedly sold over 100,000 copies with both Chyna and Waltman earning their share.  Dubbed as a strategy to boost both their careers, the video didn’t get as much media attention and fame compared to Paris Hilton’s video.  Nevertheless, Chyna’s career did get a boost as she appeared in various reality T.V. shows after the release of the sex tape.  Well, fans of Chyna will certainly appreciate the way she performs in this video.  If you’re one of those who like big-framed and well-muscled women, then this video will certainly do wonders for your libido.  Watch this great performance by Chyna as she performs hardcore oral sex and “in-bed wrestling” with her former boyfriend Sean Waltman.  Click this link to be redirected to Chyna Sex Tape.