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This is what Chyna has worked hard for in all her years as a female bodybuilder

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

These pictures show what Chyna has been working on throughout her life.  She’s been a gym rat since her college days and look at the result of all that hard work.  These pictures show a muscle-bound Chyna flexing her arms and showing off her chiseled body.  If you’re turned on at the sight of Chyna and her muscles, then imagine what you’ll feel when you watch her hot performance in “1 Night in China”, her very own homemade porn video with ex Sean Waltman!  If you’ve been searching for that homemade porn video on the web, then today’s your lucky day as I present to you where you can get the full video for your viewing pleasure.  Simply click the link above to be redirected to the best place you can get this celebrity sex tape.

Watch some classic wrestling clips of Chyna flashing her thong underwear

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Chyna has a buffed-up physique which helps her stand up against most male wrestlers.  All the time she spent as a bodybuilder has firmed her butt and she’s not shy to show her ass in front of the millions of wrestling fans across the globe.  In this post, I included some of her most memorable moments flaunting her butt in front of the camera.  To view the clips, just click on the screen caps below.

Let’s watch Chyna’s fine ass in these clips featuring her in sexy thongs and flashing her bum to her opponents and fans alike.  If you want the hardcore stuff, then just follow this link and be redirected to Chyna Sex Tape.  Watch her infamous video with former fiancé Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and enjoy watching your favorite female wrestler show off her skills in bed.