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I Wonder If Chyna’s Friends Have Any Sex Tapes

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Here’s a pic taken way back, from Chyna‘s days as a WWE Superstar.  She wasn’t just a WWE Diva mind you, this lady actually held the International Championship during three title reigns!  Just looking at her muscular body during those days, you’d definitely believe it!  Aside from Chyna, also in the pic is Lita and Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s wife, Debra.  Now I’d love to see a sex tape from those two, especially Lita.  I think there’s a good chance we can see some action from her, seeing the high-profile wrestling relationships she’s had!  Debra would make good sex tape material too, especially if she starred in one with her ex, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  But they’re currently divorced with Stone Cold facing some domestic abuse charges, so there’s no chance of that.  But if you want to see the original pro-wrestling sex tape form Chyna, it’s still there at this site.  It’s totally hardcore and if you love porn, you’ll definitely love it!